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Please provide the Board of Directors with all information necessary to evaluate the request thoroughly and quickly.  Requests must include, without limitation, the following information: site plan (including all dimensions), color chips (if applicable), detailed description of request, list of materials, pictures (if applicable), and any other information as specifically required below or as required by the Design Guidelines approved for the community.

PROCESS (timeline goal from submission to homeowner
notification of final board decision is 7 days):

1. Homeowner reviews WoodCreek Design Guidelines and

2. Homeowner completes this application.

3. If attachments are necessary, such as drawings,
sketches, paint swatches, etc, homeowner shall attach necessary files where
indicated at bottom of application. Alternatively, after submitting form,
email any attachments to [email protected]

4. After adjacent/next door/across the street
neighbors have been informed of proposed work, homeowner shall electronically
sign and submit application.

5. After receiving your application, CAM (our HOA
management company) will review and forward to the WoodCreek Architectural
Review Committee (ARC).

6. The ARC will review application, consult with
homeowner as necessary, and submit application to the WoodCreek board for

7. The WoodCreek board will notify CAM of decision
(approval and pertinent stipulations or disapproval).

8. CAM will notify homeowner via email of board’s

The ARC and WoodCreek Board want you to love your home and
our neighborhood. The intent of this process isn’t to create bureaucratic
hurdles or to find reasons why your proposals can be denied. It’s
important to capture the history of changes because they do come into question
at times when homes change owner. It’s our goal to achieve your goals.
Let’s work together to make them a reality.

Phone number(s):*
E-mail Address:*
Description of Modification Request:*
Please upload an image of your modification request if applicable:
Estimated Start Date:*
Estimated Completion Date:*
Acknowledgement of Adjacent Homeowners (all homeowners sharing common boundary line: next door neighbors, for items in the front of home the across the street neighbor, for items in rear of home the rear neighbor, if visible): I have consulted with all homeowners sharing my common boundary line. To my knowledge there is no objection to my modification request. However, they understand that they have a right to petition the Board with any concerns they may have with my modification request.
By checking this box, I acknowledge the above statement:*

Under each of the most common headings below, all the items listed must be submitted. Please refer to the WoodCreek Design Guidelines for other necessary information required for modifications. Such as detached structures, outdoor play equipment, pools, tennis courts, etc.

Patio or Walkway:
Submit: Lot survey denoting location and list of materials to be used

Exterior Decorative Objects, Front Porch Flower Pots, Lighting, Etc.:
Submit: Description of object, and location + picture/sketch of object

Garden Plot:
Submit: Location + size of garden and type of plants to be grown

Play Houses:
Submit: Location (must have minimum visual impact on adjacent properties, size + sketch (limited to an area not to exceed 100 square feet), and materials (in most cases, materical used MUST match existing materials of home)

Private Pool:
Submit: Picture or drawing of pool type, dimensions (maximum size 1,000 square ft.), color (must be blue or white), site plan denoting location, type of lighting source, and landscape plan

Submit: Picture or drawing of fence type, dimensions (maximum height may not exceed 6 feet; maximum span between posts shall be 10 feet; minimum post size shall be 4x4 inches; must have twp 2x8 inch rails or three 2x6 horizontal rails per section), color (must be natural or painted to match exterior color), site plan denoting location (fence may not be located closer to any street than rear edge of home. On corner lot, fence may not be closer to side street than building line of house. Please use copy of survey from your closing package), crossbeam structure must not be visible from any street (must face inside toward yard), and materials (must be cedar, cypress or No. 2 grade or better pressure-treated pine). All nails screws or fasteners shall be aluminum or hot-dipped galvanized. If fence is solid privacy type, all posts shall be anchored into concrete.

Exterior Landscaping and Maintenance:
Submit: Landscape plan denoting plant material and location

Submit: Picture or drawing (deck must match any existing deck), dimensions, color (must be natural or painted to match exterior color of home), site plan denoting location (in most cases may not exceed past sides of home), and materials (must be cedar, cypress or No. 2 grade or better pressure-treated pine)

Paint (Submit only if other than original paint color):
Submit: Color and address of home with desired John Wieland Homes' color used in or approved for this or another John Wieland community in the same county, area of home to be repaired, and photograph of your home plus homes on either side (in most cases adjacent homes cannot be painted the same colors)

Storm Windows/ Doors:
Submit: Picture or drawing of all windows/doors on which storm windows/doors will be installed, picture depicting style of storm window/door to be installed, and color (window/door trim must be baked enamel and color must be compatible with primary and trim colors)

Building Additions:
Submit: Location of addition + size of lot, materials (material used must match existing material of home), building permit (if required), size, color, and detailed architectural drawing of addition

Mark the tree(s) to be removed with a ribbon or spray paint
How many trees are being removed?:
Will you be replacing any?:
If yes, what will be the replacement?:
By checking this box, I acknowledge that I must remove the tree stump(s) with the removal of any tree(s):

I understand and agree that no work on this request shall commence until written approval of the Board of Directors has been received by me.I represent and warrant that the requested changes strictly conform to the community Design Guidelines and that these changes shall be made in strict conformance with the Design Guidelines. I understand that I am responsible for complying with all city and county regulations.
Neither the Association, Board of Directors, or the Association Covenants Committee nor their respective members, Secretary, successors, assigns, agents, representatives or employees shall be liable for damages or otherwise to anyone requesting approval of an architectural alteration by reason of mistake in judgement, negligence or non-feasance, arising out of any action with respect to any submission. The Architectural Review is directed toward review and approvals of site planning, appearance, and aesthetics. None of the foregoing assumes any responsibility regarding design or construction, including, without limitation, the structural integrity, mechanical or electrical design, methods of construction, or technical suitability of materials. I hereby release and covenant not to sue all of the foregoing from/for any claims or damages regarding this request or the approval or denial thereof.

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